Bottoms up!

I actually got to see a health professional in person! And not just a GP or, as is the norm here now, the practice nurse (brilliant as she is) but a musculoskeletal expert. I’m not quite sure how I pulled it off, probably just got lucky, the right person answered the phone and, voila!

I was extra grateful for this because we had a guest for a couple of nights and I’d been an aberration of a host on his first night. I couldn’t get up and give him a welcome hug, I hadn’t cooked anything for supper and, to ice this particularly foetid cake, the next morning I discovered I’d even failed to provide him with somewhere comfortable to sleep.

Guy is an old colleague of D’s, newly retired but doing a little contract work to protect himself from the insanity too much freedom can bring. We see him once or twice a year for a night or two, when he comes to Scotland for work, and it’s always a blast. We’ve stayed with him a few times too, and he was a great host. Which made my faux pas doubly grim.

Because I was unable to do the bendy stretchy thing required for bed making without injuring myself, I asked him to bring a sleeping bag. And before I went to bed I got D to lay out the futon, and chucked a couple of pillows on it. I didn’t think to make sure he’d brought his sleeping bag. Which, of course, he hadn’t!

Luckily this is a warm room now we’ve filled in all the gaps, and I have a few blankets in here to disguise the shabby furniture, but he still had to snuggle under his coat. I nearly wept over my cornflakes when he told me. I hate the thought that anyone could find their time in our house less than delightful. I love cooking for cosy kitchen table suppers and feeding people. And really feel that the minimum one can offer an overnight guest is a comfortable bed.

How I’d love to be able to offer my guests this cosy nook to sleep in!

Of course, I could barely walk (the only reason I’m still speaking to myself).

And then, that morning at ten, I saw the musculoskeletal practitioner, and I now understand how some people believe in miracles.

All she did was ask me a heap of questions, get me to move in certain ways, prescribe six exercises and more anti-inflammatory painkillers, but I walked out of there with barely a limp. By noon I had a pot of tomatoes slowly stewing in the oven with garlic, oregano and probably more olive oil than is good for you, and bread dough rising in my mother’s old mixing bowl. I’ve never experienced such a transformation.

Apparently, my problem is not sciatica, but a strained buttock muscle that is irritating my sciatic nerve. I need, she said, to stretch that muscle and strengthen it. Thus, as well as some that involve slumping and unslumping in a chair, most of the exercises she gave me see me on the floor with my bottom in the air several times a day.

I just have to hope they’re doing me good.

16 thoughts on “Bottoms up!

  1. Slumping in a chair – sounds like an exercise even me would manage to achieve, while I am not so sure with that “bottom up” routine ; I’d tumble over again & again.

    I think it is alright with your guest, after all he was allowed into the house, he brought his own coat (well behaved !), and you allowed him near your breakfast table the next morning, ha !

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      1. Goodness – a rare “super guest” !
        He truly earned his pizza crust for breakfast !

        Is this exercise by any way related to yoga ? Can this be helpful ?

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      2. I do not know much about yoga. But it is what came to my mind, when I read about your exercises, stretching muscles. As I understand yoga is a program of routines to work on muscles. If it is done carefully ? It is just some idea, most likely totally irrelevant.

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  2. It seems we’ve all entered that age where even the slightest misstep or movement causes EXTREME discomfort! The MITM hit his knee on super nana’s steps MONTHS ago and still gives him pause. Glad your discomfort has abated, sweetpea! xoxo

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    1. Yes, sadly we’ve fallen into the abyss!
      I can’t seem to comment on your blog and have been meaning to tell you on FB for weeks. My son’s coming over in April so I’ll ask him to sort it. Hope The MITM’s knee heals soon. xoxoxo

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      1. I have no idea why you can’t comment on my blog! I checked the spam folder, but there was nothing there. All the settings allow all comments even anonymous ones, so I hope your son can figure out what’s going on! Blogger seems to be getting ditzy again! xoxox

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  3. I’m very happy to read that your pain is subsiding! And I’m sure your guest was very understanding.
    The not being able to post on Blogger blogs might be an Apple problem? If you are using Safari you need to uncheck the ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ box in Privacy via settings. Go to the Blogger Blog – refresh the page at least twice, and after that it might let you comment!

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    1. I hadn’t seen it, but I have now and will reply. I had forgotten that the contact form goes to an old email address, the one linked to the site I’m closing, so I’ve not been checking it. I’ve changed it now, thanks to you, to an address I regularly check. There’s so much to remember!


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