Lovely Things

As more and more arts organisations make their works available online for free, to help us stay sane, mentally active and, thus, healthy in this time of confinement, I thought I’d make a page to collate as many as I can. This is as much to aid my own memory as for altruistic reasons, it’s true, but I hope you will find it useful too. Click on the images to be taken straight to the sites they represent.

The Art Institute of Chicago has made over 44000 works available to view online, and is still adding more. They also have a heap of related resources, including educational stuff like lesson plans and histories. You’ll become an art expert in no time!

The Guggenheim has over 200 books on modern art free to download in both PDF and ePub formats. I’m really looking forward to reading the first English translation of Kandinsky’s On the Spiritual in Art, and browsing the catalogues of retrospective exhibitions.

NASA has 140,000 photos and other resources available to download, or just idly browse. This is an image of cascading post-coronal loops, why not click on the image to go to the site and find out more?