Café Stories

New for 2019

From Hemingway and Fitzgerald in Paris, to the Beats in San Francisco, to J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh, the café has been a citadel of our literary culture.

Beginning on Tuesday January 29 at 10:30am I will lead a series of six weekly writing workshops in Brodies, Moffat. In each session I will show you how to draw creative writing inspiration from a cafe environment. We will turn the customers into characters; listen to the sounds, examine the hardware (silverware, napery, crockery…), interrogate the smells and tastes, and discover how to engage every aspect of cafe life in our own stories and poems. 

Please bring something to write with and on, this can be a pen/pencil and a notebook, old envelopes or other scraps, your phone, tablet, or laptop.

In order that Brodies don’t lose out by having us in the cafe they ask that each attendee buy not less that one drink per session (not just a glass of water).