Not wanting to lose the content of my soon to expire website, yesterday morning I looked into exporting it to a saveable file and found I could import it to this site. So that’s what I did. And what a mess I ended up with!

The process itself was simple and pretty quick, but the tidying up is probably going to take some time. I’m not quite sure what I thought would happen, but I was surprised to end up with duplicate pages in the navigation menu and some very disturbing formatting.

The old site had considerably better functionality than this one, so what looked great there looks positively bizarre here. For the time being I’ve hidden those pages and will, at some point, have a go at sorting them out. But not now!

Now I have to prepare for a meeting, not my favourite activity, but needs must. I have a crumbling old church to redevelop; a community forest garden to look after, we’ll be discussing which contractor we have quotes from best meets our needs; and two retiring trustees to replace. It’s going to be a busy year.

4 thoughts on “Migration

  1. Ah yes! I too imported a blog to Wonky Words – I muted all the duplicate pages so I couldn’t see the mess. Thankfully the two blogs used the same Theme so the formatting wasn’t too bad, but some of the pictures refused to show.
    I look forward to reading more about your projects!!

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