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What do you do to be involved in the community?

This question takes me right back to my university days. I mean, what community? And, actually, what is meant by involved? Is shopping at the local green-grocer involving oneself in the community? Is voting involving oneself in the community? Which one? Having married a musician, am I now involved in the music community?

If I take the community, in this instance, to be the town in which I live, I can say I do three main things and probably a lot of little things. I am Chair of the local nature reserve; I’m secretary of Moffat Community Woodlands; and I’m on the board of Space to Grow, Moffat, a charity that runs allotments, a community garden, and that is in the process of trying to turn an old church building into a useful space for the community. I also do the admin and marketing for Walk Moffat, who runs a walking weekend in the autumn, but I get paid for that so it feels less worthy a role. I will be volunteering during the actual weekend, though, so I’ll feel less mercenary then!

When it comes to the wider community, Scotland, say, I am committed to helping it become independent (it seems utterly absurd that a whole country is, ostensibly, owned by another one!) but nothing much seems to be happening in that regard at the moment, so I’m not involved in doing anything. But I will spring into action when the need arises. If I can still walk.

At the moment I’m fighting the urge to become involved in the lichenology community. The British Lichen Society were in Moffat for a week, recently, surveying, and a colleague and I met them at the nature reserve. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and I’ve long been attracted to lichens, but I know myself. I’ll spend a fortune on equipment, devote myself to the study of lichens for a while –six months, two years… – and then I’ll lose interest and be stuck with a room full of microscopes gathering dust and cobwebs. So I’ll hold off on that. Though I have bought a little ‘eyeglass‘ and am enjoying examining very small things with it.

I’ll let you speculate about what this is.

What do I do to be involved with the community? That depends on the community you’re talking about. For example, I do nothing to be involved in the sports community; quite a lot to be involved with the conservation community; and on Sunday I drove my husband to a gig and stood outside in the sun smoking while he performed, thus involving myself in both the music and smoking communities.

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  1. You could respond by asking your friend what communities they’re interested in and how they involve themselves in those communities. You could also share the communities that you’re interested in and how you involve yourself in them.


      1. Yes, there are a lot of communities out there to choose from! Do you have any interests or hobbies that you’re particularly passionate about? That could be a good place to start looking for communities to join. For example, I’m really interested in photography, so I’m part of a few photography groups online and in my local area.

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