Happy birthday to me!

Yep, today I am another year older. To compensate for this, I spent most of yesterday cleaning and decluttering so that when I got up this morning it would be to a lovely scene of serenity. I also went to a supermarket in another town so I could get nice things for breakfast, and I meant to buy flowers and tea lights, but forgot. I also seem to have left the loo paper behind!

As a special birthday treat, the boiler is on the blink. It was fine yesterday, but this morning we have no heating or hot water. Luckily it’s not freezing, and the shower is electric so we should be able to wash at least!

We’re going to Glasgow later, so I can choose a present, which means poor D is going to be dragged around clothes shops because I can’t think of anything else to look for. I’m hoping to find a trouser suit that would work for parties and evening engagements, but I’ll probably end up with a pair of trainers, though D thinks trainers are too utilitarian for a birthday present. Maybe I’ll get a lamp?

I was in Glasgow on Monday, too, for my monthly date with my sister, Elsa, who lives in Falkirk. And this turned out to be an early birthday treat. She gave me a lovely glass globe shaped bowl and bought me lunch and, later, coffee and cake in Sugarfall, my latest favourite cake stop. This is what we had:

Black Forest tart and pink latte for me.
Apple cake and a flat white for Else.

Inside, mine looked like a fatal wound

While hers looked like pie filling in a cloud

They were both utterly delicious!

Right, if we’re going to make the bus, I need to go and wake D, and hope I’m right about the shower.

The header image is from a walk D and I did on Tuesday. I’m working for Walk Moffat at the moment, writing up the walks for the walking weekend, and needed more information about this particular one. Walk leaders aren’t always the best at describing the walks – why should they be? – so, as it was a nice day, I decided to go and see for myself. This is a ruined farm cottage I thought rather picturesque.

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. All the best to You !

    I am sorry to be so late, please accept my excuses (time, thingy, stuff). And – did you find that trouser suit ? “Trainers” are sporting shoes I guess, why not ? I hope they are comfortable, if you choose them, that is.
    This “pink latte” looks very special, and anything with cherries is great. It can not be disappointing, ha !

    Say please, are there many of those ruined cottages in your area ? This special one looks still used, but the whole area could use a bit more forest – just an uninformed Franconians idea, sorry.

    Again – all the best for You Eryl !

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    1. I’m going to begin with your last point: you are so right, we need a lot more trees in this area. That’s why I’m on the board of a charity that has just planted about forty-eight thousand native trees, but we need many more. The whole region has been decimated by sheep farming, actually the whole damned country has. Now most Scots seem to think horribly bare hills are desirable, and they bang on about ‘views’ when anyone talks about replanting our native forests.
      We do have a lot of ruins here, castles; towers; brochs; you name it. I like the practice of leaving them in place, it’s visible history.
      No trouser suit, sadly, but I did get a very comfortable pair of trainers. I walked the whole of Edinbrugh in them last week without any problems.
      The pink latte has beetroot powder in it, the cafe says you can’t taste it, but I think it lends a rather sumptuous earthy tone to it.
      Thank you, Mago!


  2. I ‘ve found the comments! So, a tad late for greetings, but hey! think of this as another birthday without the calendar’s sting-in-the-tail! And now I can comment on the latest…

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