Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

It’s been a long time since I was at school but five teachers immediately came to mind when I read this question. Three nice ones, two atrocious, one might say, monsters. The temptation is to pick one of the nice ones, but I think the beastly ones were a great deal more influential and, luckily, their influence was positive. Though I didn’t think so at the time. One was my class teacher in primary 2, when I was six; the second was my maths teacher in secondary 1.

I wrote about them in a blog post years ago, in response to a meme. No point writing the same thing again, so you can read the whole post here, should you wish, or here’s a screenshot of the pertinent paragraphs:

I should say, the kidney reference will make absolutely no sense in this context, so just ignore it, or go and read the whole post if ignoring it isn’t an option.

6 thoughts on “Prompted

  1. We have known each other a long time on these blogs.
    This time round I will say that I’m horrified that your Birthday Barbie was stolen, and ruined. I want to slap the thief. And I badly want to punch Mr Steer.
    As for people thinking I’m stupid because of my appearance, or accent – well, I guess I can use that to my advantage!!

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  2. I suppose most of us endured some horrid teachers. Certainly, in the years just after the war (WWII), at a small town in scrubby tussock land, we had very old, sometimes out of retirement teachers and very young shiny-new teachers. And every one of them strap-happy. A few were very nice. Corporal punishment in schools was only banned quite recently.

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