When I got an iPad (my first) in April, I had high hopes for all the things I’d be able to do with/on it. My laptop is getting old (5 years!) and I’d like to keep it for work stuff only, in the hope of extending its life – beyond my own if possible – a little longer. I have to say, it (the iPad) has disappointed in one area only: blogging. I’m writing this in the WordPress app, it’s okay, it has nowhere near the functionality of the desktop editor, but I can live with that for short posts like this. The thing that’s driving me nuts is reading and commenting on other blogs.

I need a reader that will allow me to both read and comment on posts without having to go elsewhere. The WordPress app works brilliantly for other WP blogs, but is shite when it comes to other platforms, and I follow several Blogger blogs with which I would like to engage regularly. So, what I’m saying is: help!

Do you have a reader you swear by, if so, please share 😊

Here’s a random photo. I have yet to work out how to add a header image to this post. Though I’m sure I’ve done it before in this app🤯*

My favourite garden centre

*found it!

Header image: the inside of a bin at Glasgow airport’s international arrivals gate.

8 thoughts on “Mobility

  1. Welcome to the club! WP folk and Blogspot folk are tearing out handfuls of hair over this. I’m a WP person and I use a laptop and even I have gremlins flinging spanners about!
    But it’s nice to see you again, Eryl! I think Scarlet over at has a handle on things.


    1. Hello Dinah! I have a horrible feeling that I’m struggling with this because I’ve slipped over the age line into ‘too old to make sense of new technology’. ☹️


  2. I use Feedly to keep up with blogs, it’s okay, but nowhere near as good as the Google Reader used to be – it was perfect, so obviously they scrapped it!
    I write all my posts on my laptop using the desktop editor – and you can still use the desktop editor on your iPad, though an additional, very expensive keyboard, helps with this. I have the keyboard because my laptop is on the way out, and any ‘heavy’ websites, such as Pinterest make it overheat.
    I hope this helps!


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