D&G Poetry Lockdown Party – Number 19 – Eryl Gasper Dick

Hurrah, someone else asked me to answer a few questions for their own blog. Thus, I can share my own words here, without without having first tried to think of something to say. So, here are my answers to the questions: 1) What are your favourite three writers? 2) What’s your favourite place to visit in Dumfries and Galloway? and 3) Do you have any wise words about the current pandemic?

Header Image: MessyNessyChic

D&G Poetry


How does one choose only three writers, yikes?! I’ve spent an absurd amount of time sifting through all the writers I love and thinking about why. In the end I decided all I can do is give you the three who are exerting an influence over my own writing at the moment. They are:

Kafka, for the way he seems to manage to combine tragedy and comedy in just about every sentence. Read ‘The Burrow’ for example. To me it’s a brilliantly apt metaphor for the kind of terrified person who puts security cameras and high fences around his/her house to protect all the useless stuff s/he’s amassed. You worry for the creature even as you think it incredibly foolish. If Kafka were born fifty or so years later I reckon he’d be a stand-up.

Proust, for the way he enables you to experience all the small…

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